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Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

The world today is a global village.  People have pulled down the narrow domestic walls and come out as global citizens.  To be successful in this fast changing world, the future generations have not only to acquire knowledge but also hone their skills, sharpen their analytical capabilities and quicken the pace of decision making.  Sree Bhuvaneswari English Medium High School imparts education as as to mold youngsters to be successful citizens of this fast changing world.  Our success in our efforts is amply testified by the facts, that the alumni of the school occupy pride of place in disciplines as varied as Astrophysics, Nano technology, Medical Research and Information Technology not to speak about Civil Services, art and literature.  Every success makes us humble and we continue to strive for excellence by creating a generation capable of critical thinking, systematic planning, fast decision making and speedy implementation of path breaking ideas.  Our mission is to develop our students to be successful in their personal lives and also to serve as partners in the progress of the planet.

Our Vision

To inculcate higher values of life, making our students better human beings.  To develop mental and physical skills for enabling students to create their own niche in the social milieu.  To respect religious, racial and gender equality.  To instill self-respect, a high sense of responsibility and lofty levels of academic capabilities; that will enable them to become contributing citizens of the future.

Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.  Our greatest strength is the unique bonding between the staff and the students, that we live our motto “ My school, My second home”.

Our achievements are a reflection of the value system that is incorporated in the day to day functioning of the school.  Every activity of the day adds upto furthering the ideals the school stands for.

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